5 Bathroom Organization Ideas to Help You Get More Space

5 Bathroom Organization Ideas to Help You Get More Space

Whether you have large or small bathrooms doesn’t matter because you always fall short of space. Bathrooms have many personal belongings storage like medicines, toiletries, and other stuff. As people have shifted to urban areas they are getting smaller spaces to live and accommodate in. So, to combat space issues here are 5 bathroom organization ideas that will maximize your set space to show off your chic.

As the spring is blooming, cleaning is going to be our daily household task. Why not optimize space for additional belongings and proper organizing.

I was looking for a few hacks that could organize my space without spending a huge amount for a makeover. So, with little amount, I added oomph to my space. This guide will let you know simple DIY inexpensive storage hacks.

You might have seen the latest cute storage products available in the market. It is the right time to benefit your home with these. Sometimes you are confused with what to buy? Let me show you with minimal cost how I spruced my bathroom, hope this work for you too!

Installing Multipurpose Mirror

Mirrors and then shelves around, this is the old traditional way. Instead, install a multipurpose mirror like a mirror with medicine and a dental product storing cabinet. This way your additional space will be empty and the products will be assorted behind the mirror. Also, your bathroom will look spacious.

Adding Shelves and Cabinets

Daily accessories and medicines are important but if they are clustered around it looks unhygienic. If your bathroom countertop is always filled with these items it’s time to sort them quickly. Add a shelf or cabinet near the countertop to keep essentials like dental care, shampoos etc. that is in your reach. Also if you add a towel rack nearby or a dressing unit all the cosmetics will go in which will look shipshape.

Assorting in drawer items

Drawers are time savers and help us to store n number of items, isn’t it? This is also the place which is jam-packed with unnecessary things and is chaotic. Whenever we don’t have time we keep things quickly without realizing that things pile up and later you need to waste time in cleaning them. Drawers should be kept orderly so that you can access things in a hurry.

Create partitions in the cabinet and toss similar things in one basket like oral basket containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss. Likewise, a cosmetic basket with powder, sanitary products and many more all this depends on your creativity level. Well, you can search for ideas on the internet.

Small containers and vanity

People usually buy a big container that contains a few items and occupy more space. Pick small vanity for toiletries and other items. The market is filled with artistic and budgeted containers options that add vibrancy to your bathroom. If you are falling short of budget small vanities will also do the job for you.

Utilizing Ignored Places

Do you wish to install a bathtub at your home but afraid of space issues? This is not only your thinking but many individuals think the same. Well, it solely depends on your creativity and storage ideas. There is potential space beneath your bathtub. You can sort out this issue by getting a bathtub with drawers or cabinets. Here you can keep baby toys and bathroom supplies. Also, the back of the bathroom door is a great place to add a shelf or hooks to hang towels or clothes. Unfortunately, people often ignore this place or utilize it incorrectly.

The Bottom Line:

There are plenty of other spaces that can be utilized. The possibilities are endless which depends on the way you think. Your bathroom can be an oasis all you need to take out some time and organize it well. Have fun and don’t forget to share your level of ingenuity with us!


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