Closed vs. Open Design Showers – Which one should you go for?

Closed vs. Open Design Showers – Which one should you go for?

Remember when showers were made up of just a shower head and a bath tub enclosure? Well nowadays, there’s a lot more to consider because of all the choices available and if you want to enjoy your bath, you have to look at what makes you feel more comfortable. When thinking of comfort and showers, there’s just one thing you want to decide on and that is that do you want to have a visually opened up or a closed bathroom?

Closed showers are, well obviously, closed with either a fully transparent, semi-transparent or etched glass. They are also stylish and give you all the privacy you want. Closed showers are also ideal to be used in places like guest bathrooms and other public places because no one wants to have a bath with no enclosure in someone else’s house. This showers ensure that you do not feel like your privacy is being encroached on and most of them give you spaces to keep your toiletries or even sit down.

In spite of these, closed showers are hard to clean and for some, this is a real bummer. Some people do not want the glass of the shower getting wet after a shower but that is inevitable. You would have to clean the glass after every bath or whoever used it. Moisture building up can cause damage to the shower glass so you have to clean up every drop. This can be really hard to do, especially if you have hard water.

Opened showers on the other hand are completely open without any barrier. When you use an open shower, you get a look at views outside your window and expensive vistas. Check this open shower concept to get a clear idea of what it looks like. But when you’re in the shower, you should lock the door! Open showers have a modern feel and this décor is ideal for spas or expensive hotels with enough privacy. It is also ideal for hospitals so that patients can easily take a bath without much painful movement.

With open showers, you can even easily walk out and back into the shower freely and easily, having quick access to any other appliance you may need in the bathroom. In a free home, where you have people who need zero entry into and out of the shower, this open shower does not have a barrier which makes it ideal. It is also completely perfect for a person using a wheel chair, a person who needs help to move and be taken to the bathroom or an elderly person. This is why it is called a curbless shower.

The only disadvantage of open showers, is that a lot of people do not like it and may feel unprotected while using the shower. Showering is an intimate activity to some people, and they do not want to get exposed.

These two showers are ideal for whatever style you’re aiming at, but it all depends on your personality. If you really focus on your privacy, then a closed shower is perfect but for those who really don’t bother about it, an open shower can be used. Irrespective of which one you decide to go for, you must install an electric shower in your home for a modern bathing experience with the usual comfort of heating. Visit a bathroom showroom so you can see what it would look like, that way, you don’t install it and regret later. 


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